Interview: Amsterdam’s Stefan Vincent to release solo EP on Nightime Drama

Sydney and Adelaide-based imprint Nightime Drama are welcoming back Stefan Vincent for their next release. ‘The Auxilliary Phase’ is a four-track EP by the Amsterdam resident, which features a remix by Metropolis (aka Nick Lapien).

The Auxilliary Phase is Stefan’s first solo EP since 2017, and certainly hones in on the darker, more melancholy realms of techno.

A1 Exigent Mistress is an ethereal, and hypnotic slow burner. Echoed string work and reverbs pulsate against a warm and enveloping kickdrum. It’s a heady mix that sets the tone for the rest of the EP.

Fellow Amsterdam local and label mainstay Nick Lapien remixes Exigent Mistress under his Metropolis alias. The remix gives the track an electro inspired overhaul, with an acid line that writhes throughout.

On the flipside, Dissociation picks up the energy. With frustrated acid inflections and a driving pace pushing 130bpm, it seems to be a release of built up fury, while soaring pads give balance to this high power cut.

Closer Grey Haze starts out quite sparse, and builds with an off-kilter beat and bleepy accents. Eerie synths tie the track together to what is an off-the-wall, yet pretty close.

We caught up for a quick chat with Stefan ahead of the EP release, and his upcoming Australian tour in June.

After taking a bit of a break from music last year, ‘The Auxilliary Phase’ is your first solo EP in a little while. What was your thought process and motivation behind these tracks? 

When I’m producing there isn’t a certain thought process or motivation, it just has to happen naturally. For a long time I’ve tried to decide which types of music I was gonna make that day but it only held me back from being creative. When I’m producing I try no to think too much and try to just do as much as possible. Thinking (too much) can kill a creative flow by addressing problems in the music that aren’t really there to begin with. 

Can you explain the meaning behind the EP title?

The title ‘The Auxiliary Phase’ has to do with subconscious thinking and thought processes that we’re often not aware of, as simple as that really 🙂

The EP and track names allude to the ability for your music to provide you with emotional support, is this true?

I take a lot of my personal experiences with me in the music I make and it’s therapeutical in that sense. I wouldn’t say I get emotional support from listening to my own music but it certainly helps me putting emotions into words while creating it.

Can you explain your production process for the EP? 

I work at home, so all I do is just get behind the computer and get going. Unfortunately I’m not one of those people who can just pump out a track in a day. Sometimes when I’m really feeling it things can happen in a short amount of time, I think these tracks have been made in about two months. I work only with digital tools, the only hardware I use is the TR-8. Tried different types of drumcomputers and synthesizers but it doesn’t work for me.

How did this EP compare with previous work in terms of production techniques?

In terms of production techniques it’s completely similar to the production techniques I used in the previous EP. Of course sometimes I use some new tools but it doesn’t change anything about the way that it is created.

What can we expect from your upcoming Australian tour in June? 

I’ve made a bunch of different playlists with different moods and I will probably decide on the spot what I’m going to play, whether it be fast and minimalistic or a bit more melodic, or some drum ‘n bass & jungle, it all depends on how I feel like and what the vibe in the crowd is like. Ideally I like to go all the way from house to techno to jungle, going withing the spectrum of 100 to 200 bpm and back again in a coherent way, but it all depends on the moment really.

Can you name a record that you’ll be packing in your bag?

‘Voids Two’ by Martyn, a very groovy and melodic track with a kickdrum so subtle you can hardly hear it, proving you don’t need a pounding kickdrum to keep a steady groove going.

Catch Stefan Vincent at three Nightime Drama parties on the following dates:

June 1st – Nightime Drama @ Ancient World, Adelaide. Click here for more info.

June 7th – Nightime Drama @ Club 77, Sydney. Click here for more info.

June 9th – Nightime Drama & Silo @ Good Things, Melbourne. Click here for more info.

Nightime Drama celebrate their tenth release

Since its inception in 2012, Australian label Nightime Drama has been platforming high quality techno from artists locally and around the globe. Label co-owners Trinity and Trebek certainly do justice to their ethos as they celebrate their tenth release, the Night Drive compilation EP.

With several killer releases in their catalogue such as the Adrifting Voyage collaboration EP from Steve Tang and Trinity (featuring a standout remix from Basic Soul Unit), the Exoshift EP from techno veteran Metamethod and the much talked about Design Principles EP by Infinite Loops, the Night Drive EP is a testament to both the label’s past and what’s yet to come, with four track EP from returning artists and new signings.

His first time on the label, Dutchman Stefan Vincent offers his avantgarde techno leanings to the EP with Ego’s Demise. Soaring synths and effervescent pads sit alongside eachother to create a tranquil, yet driving excursion in deep techno that ascends subtlety throughout.

Italian duo Hiver (Let, and Curle Recordings) offer their contribution with the hypnotic Legacy. Diving deeper yet again, a warm bassline pulsates against static-like hi hats. Delicate acid thread starts to weave its way in, drawing the track to a wistful close.

On the flipside, the other-worldly Faces of Others from Dutch duo Artefakt is a beautiful example of ambient techno. Undulating rhythms ebb and flow with celestial pad work; peppered with subtle calls of the creatures from elsewhere in the universe.

Label mainstays Eric Cloutier and Trinity collaborate on the final track, Hidden Places. It’s the perfect warm down track — a bouncy, dubby groove that is juxtaposed with off-kilter synths to keep the listener on their toes.

The Night Drive EP is a cohesive compilation which expertly shows the light and shade in techno. Equally fitting for nocturnal sojourns down the highway as it is for a club setting, Nightime Drama should be proud to celebrate with this milestone release.

A1. Stefan Vincent – Ego’s Demise
A2. Hiver – Legacy
B1. Artefakt – Faces of Others
B2. Eric Cloutier & Trinity – Hidden Places

Available at Something Else RecordsDecks.deJuno and Hard Wax.