Dream Coast – “Golden Haze” LP

Dream Coast release their debut album, ‘Golden Haze’

Taking inspiration from artists like Massive Attack, Boards of Canada, SURVIVE, Flying Lotus and Slowdive, Dream Coast create swirling soundscapes of waxing and waning analogue synthesizer lines coupled with hypnotic rhythms. After a lot of time writing and fine-tuning in the studio, the duo from Wynnum have finally packaged up their debut album. Golden Haze is a conceptual, slow-motion journey packed with layered melodies fit for headphone listening equally as it is in a club setting.

Josh on the concept behind Golden Haze:

“Golden Haze is a snapshot of our lives. We wanted to create a cohesive piece of work to pool our creative energy and make meaning in a busy and chaotic time in our lives. The album is about creating a perfect dream world far from ours, a sort of ‘Dream Coast’. The themes of the album include the passage of time, anxiety, escapism and confronting reality.”

Album opener Gold Whirl is an introduction into the world of the album. Eerie and suspenseful, the track builds with layers of swelling and deflating synths, created with the help of Josh from Kodiak Empire. The track morphs in the second half, which Josh describes as “a nod to our love of prog rock, where we challenged ourselves to make interesting song structures and timings”.

While Cold Sunset continues to build and intrigue, there is a slight melancholy to the track, which is reflective in the meaning behind it, which Josh describes as “about the passage of time and the feeling of inadequacy as the unforgiving sun goes down on yet another day”.

Continuing on the concept of time, Forever December is a slow burning cut which couples swirling synths with heartbeat-like percussion. Josh says the song is “a time capsule for December last year when I had just finished my education degree and was about to leave home for the first time to Cairns to my first classroom. It’s a reflection on looming changes and creating a place where the holiday time was captured forever.”

As the name suggests, Releaser was made to be a pure escapist moment of euphoria, and release and from all worry. Anthemic and the most dancefloor-focussed cut on the album, Releaser was created from cutting up parts of an 8-hour jam session.

Soft and tender, Crystal Cascades is a “comedown” track; the popular Cairns swimming area being its namesake. The track was created by layering synths at randomised sequences and different time signatures, then taking parts and fading them in and out.

Limboland begins to take the listener on the journey into the darker second half of the album. Brooding and mysterious, Josh describes this track as being about struggles with anxiety and the ever-present uncertainly of the future.

High-rise Smile is foreboding more sinister yet again as the synth layering waxes and wanes against the tribal-esque percussion. The song was created in the final days of the 2016 US presidential election, which coincided with Josh being away from friends and family in the middle of the bush on teaching prac. “It was a particularly dark time, and I had a dream about a city consuming everything. The high-rise buildings of Brisbane were like the jagged teeth of a huge smiling monster,” Josh says.

The final track, Snakedance is shadowy and melancholic. Signature switches and delay on the drum tracks create a surreal, dreamlike haze. Initially intending to have the final track loop around and transition into track one, Josh said the idea of the track came from; this concept of the ouroboros. At the time, Josh lost a close friend who struggled with mental health. “He would often obsess and try to understand the cycles and seemingly endlessly-looping problems of the world around us. We wrote the song in memory of him with a hopeful message — closing the loop or ‘snake’ and learning to dance to the music of life.”

Stoney Roads review Dream Coast’s first single, Releaser:

“Brisbane duo Dream Coast might not ring any bells as of yet, however they are absolutely doing everything right when it comes to creating a unique sound that will turn heads, and their new track is a prime example of that. Titled ‘Releaser’, this brooding release sees the pair build a textural, heavy hitting instrumental piece that shows impressive production maturity despite these guys being fairly new on the scene.” – Joe, Stoney Roads


1. Gold Whirl ft. Kodiak Empire
2. Cold Sunset
3. Forever December
4. Releaser
5. Crystal Cascades
6. Limboland
7. Hi–rise Smile ft. Kodiak Empire
8. Snakedance


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